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Saving Money on Cars in a Tough Economy

In a tough economy, it pays to find inventive ways to save money on your car. There are so many ways the ordinary consumer can get ripped off on car expenses of all sorts. By following the advice in this article, you won’t be one of the consumers that gets ripped off.

Oil changes are one service that can create hefty car expenses for any car owner. Car dealerships will often try to persuade you to use their mechanics shop for an oil change, however, usually car dealerships offer the most expensive oil change services. Any consumer should call up a few auto businesses that offer oil changes in order to find the best deal.

Also, many consumers can get wrapped up in spending extra money on other services than they originally planned at an oil change appointment. Auto service companies will do anything in their power to have a consumer buy as many services as possible. Often, these companies can be very convincing in creating fear in a consumer that a certain service is absolutely necessary. A consumer should never be tricked by these tactics, and he or she should stick to spending money only on services that were originally planned.

Gasoline is another major area in which consumers can rack up expenses. The price of gas is always increasing, so a consumer should try to be as frugal as possible in driving. One way to eliminate the gas expense is to simply find other ways of commuting to places. Car pooling with other individuals to work is one smart way to save gas money. Another smart idea is to simply avoid using one’s car if possible. One should try to use a bike to ride to work as opposed to a car that requires gasoline.

In actually driving a car, there are also ways a consumer can save expenses. Revving up the engine to pass others on the road is one habit that consumes an immense amount of gas. Every time one accelerates in a car, this consumes a great deal of gas. Using gas sparingly is just one way consumers can save a lot of money every year.

A consumer can save money by buying car products in bulk. Buying products in bulk like air fresheners, engine oil, mats, batteries, and spark plugs is always a smart choice.

The key to saving money on car expenses is to shop around and be smart about the way one drives a car.

Car features that save you money on insurance

Nearly all vehicles sold in the U.S. today have a plethora of standard and optional features. Some of these features, such as the tire pressure monitoring devices on new cars, are federally manda Standard and optional car features aren’t just there to provide a greater measure of safety or comfort. In many cases, they can also help you save a lot of money on your car’s insurance.

Auto insurance companies look at nearly every aspect of your vehicle when determining the best quotes available. Since safety features provide a greater measure of protection for occupants and fellow motorists, such features can reduce the amount of risk viewed by insurance companies. With reduced risk come reduced premiums — drivers can save up to hundreds of dollars per year thanks to their vehicle’s included safety and security features:

• Anti-lock Brakes. Introduced in most mainstream vehicles throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, anti-lock brakes have gone a long way in safely reducing stopping distances under all road and weather conditions. Anti-lock Brake systems help drivers prevent brake lock-up by pumping the brakes several times per second, causing the pulsation most people feel when they apply full brakes. The vast majority of new vehicles have ABS as a standard feature.

• Airbags. Most auto insurance agencies offer discounts for having supplemental restraint systems such as frontal and side curtain airbags and automatic seat belts. These features help protect your body from extreme forces in the event of a crash, preventing serious injuries.

• Anti-theft Systems. One risk auto insurance companies factor into premiums is the frequency in which a particular vehicle model is stolen. The higher the risk of a vehicle being stolen, the higher the monthly insurance premiums for that vehicle. Anti-theft devices help reduce the risk of a vehicle being broken into or stolen, which also reduces the possibility of the owner filing an expensive claim for that vehicle. Anti-theft measures include vehicle tracking systems, immobilizers and audible car alarms.

• Traction and Stability Control. These systems prevent your vehicle from going out of control on wet or otherwise unfavorable road surfaces. Traction and stability control work with your vehicle’s ECU to control throttle and brake input, helping your vehicle maintain its traction.

• Daytime Running Lamps. While they’re not entirely popular with many motorists, DRLs improve visibility in daytime conditions. Some insurance companies offer discounts for liability, collision and medical coverage if your vehicle comes equipped from the factory with DRLs.

Car features that save you money on insurance

There are a lot of new cars with tons of features that are being released every year. You can now find cars with everything from GPS to voice-activated features. However, there are features on some cars that will actually help reduce the cost of your car insurance. These will not only protect your wallet, but they are meant to help protect your life. These safety devices include everything from airbags to crash response systems.

The main safety feature that will reduce your insurance cost is airbags. Airbags are pretty common on newer cars, but they are rare in older vehicles. An airbag is a safety device that will deploy once an impact has been detected by the car. Airbags save lives in accidents that would have killed the driver and passengers otherwise. Insurance companies offer considerable discounts to people who have airbags in their vehicle. The more airbags you have the better the discount could be.

Another feature that insurance companies love is anti-lock brakes. Anti-lock brakes prevent your brakes from locking up and you losing control. There are some states, like Florida and New Jersey, which require insurance companies to offer a discount for people who have anti-lock brakes. A majority of the newer cars today come with standard anti-lock brakes, but some of the older cars will still have the old style brakes. There are also discounts available for some of the small safety features of a car.

Some of these smaller features include daytime running lights and automatic crash response systems. Daytime running lights allow your vehicle to be more visible to other motorists during the day. This helps reduce accidents from people not being able to see you coming. The latest feature that is being awarded with insurance discounts is the automatic crash response systems. One version of this system will actually disable your fuel pump, turn on your flashers, and transmit a signal to emergency personal that you have been in an accident. Another version of this system would be OnStar. If you are wondering if you qualify for a discount, just contact your insurance provider.

There are a lot of features that will help keep you safe when you are driving your car. These features include airbags, daytime running lights, and crash response systems. These will not only protect your life, but they can also save you money when you buy insurance for your vehicle.

Car Features That save You Money on Insurance

When you purchase a new car or update an older model, keep insurance friendly safety features in mind. Many safety features lower insurance rates while at the same time keeping you and your passengers safer.


Crash tests prove that seatbelts save lives. Considered an effective safety measure all seatbelts decrease insurance rates. Automatic seatbelts results in a bigger discount because they automatically slide on a rail over the rider when the door closes. Insurance companies prefer this type of seat belt because they automatically buckle taking the choice out of the rider’s hands.


Cars have a variety of airbag options. In an effort to save lives, manufactures place airbags in the steering column, dashboard, doors, over the doors, and behind the front seat. The placement of airbags depends on the make and model of car. The feature provides a cushion in a crash, which decreases injury and death. The more airbags the car has the bigger the discount is.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system or ABS prevents the brakes from locking when someone slams down on them. It allows more control for the driver and decreases the distance the car needs for stopping. The ABS gives the car better traction making it safer on wet or icy roads.

Window Etching

Another safety feature is window etching. Every car has a VIN number, but on some cars, the number also appears in the glasses. Cars that have the VIN number etched into the glass makes the glass useless for resale. Window etching is a visual deterrence for theft because a thief will often move on to the next car.

Anti-Sleep Alarms

This is a relatively new safety feature usually found on high-end cars. Sleep sensors monitor the driver. In some cars, the sensors monitor the driver’s eyes. In other cars, it monitors any changes in the cars performance or position that indicates a sleepy driver. Once detected it jolts the driver awake.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The electronic stability control or ESC is an automatic feature. The system detects any loss of control. The ESC automatically slows individual wheels in a way that maintains or regains control, keeping the car on its current path.

Anti-Theft System

Cars have different versions of the anti-theft system, but they all qualify for an insurance discount because they decrease theft. There are noisemakers, audible alarms and keyless entry.

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Are you paying too much for car insurance?

With the start of the 21st century, and the rapid development of the economy worldwide, most people prefer to even take more than one job so as to keep up with the growing economy. The issue of transport arises here. It has been proven that having your own private means of transport is very indispensable. As much as owning your own car is pretty much easier with the help of loans, maintaining the proper functioning of your vehicle is a totally different thing.

Over the years car maintenance has been a big issue for many. Countless motorists have ended up spending thousands of dollars on car insurances monthly and or yearly. The unbelievably high premium paid to cover the car insurances have made us feel like slaves of the car insurance companies, right? You might even be frazzled trying to maintain the insurance cover on your car. This however should not be the case as there are much laid-back ways to save on your auto insurance premiums. This comes as good news for the many especially at this era when everybody is trying to save the otherwise wasted hard earned money.

There are very simple ways that will help you save up that money that could have then been set aside in case of any emergency like you losing your job. One of the many techniques to saving up is through simple actions like you taking driving classes for safety while driving. Most public have neglected this fact when in fact; it is the most vital thing for any car user on the road. Taking the proposed driving lessons will cost you a lot more less cash than risking the problems that may arise in the event of an accident. Remember that prevention is better than cure.
Besides the safety driving lessons, you could also inquire from your auto insurance company if they offer any discount suites for the insurance policies. Most of the insurance companies’ today offer price cuts as a marketing strategy and you are most likely going to find out that there are such programs. Conversely, if you fail to get them, you could look for another alternative. Try to find other insurance companies that offer much cheaper insurance covers together with the discount programs. The search will be considerably relaxed if done online other than through other outdated methods such as digging up on your phone-book in the quest for a low-priced insurance company.

Today it is not impossible to get a decent car insurance rate. In addition, you are provided with easier access to the different online services such as paying your insurance online saving up on time and no stress of delaying on your payments since it can be paid at the click of a button. So, if you are sick and tired of paying too much money on insurance covers, now you know what to do so as to put a definite end to your problem. Besides, there are many online insurance companies hence faster and more suitable ways to paying for your insurance cover in comparison to doing it via an agent- this will only give additional costs.

Unconventional Ways to Pay Less For Car Insurance

Fluctuating gas prices are putting a hole in many people’s pocket. Fortunately, there are many unconventional ways to save money on car insurance. Many people do not realize that owning a garage, carpooling, being married, not smoking and working from home can help them save money on their car insurance.

Statistics have shown that drivers who own a garage are less likely to have their cars broken into or stolen. Getting one’s car broken into or stolen can cause the insurance rate to go up. People who park their cars in garages should talk to their insurance agents because they can possibly get a lower rate. It is a well-known fact that people who have cars love to drive them. Having a high mileage on one’s car is one of the many things that can increase the insurance rate. Carpooling with a friend just a few days out of the week can help people save a-lot of money on their car insurance.

Marriage has a-lot of perks and one of them is a lower insurance rate. Researchers have found that people who are not married are more likely to get into accidents than people who are married. That is why many insurance companies offer lower rates for married couples. Smoking is bad for people’s health and it can also increase the amount of money that a person pays on his or her insurance. Studies have shown that people who smoke are more likely to be reckless drivers and get into accidents. Putting the cigarettes down can cause one’s insurance rate to go down.

Working from the comfort of one’s home has many advantages and that includes lower insurance rates. The less a person drives, the lower his or her insurance rate will be. Additionally, many companies offer lower rates to those who work from home.

Being a driver is expensive. People have to pay high gas prices and make monthly payments, but the one thing that they can save money on is their car insurance. All it takes is parking the car in a garage, being married, not smoking and working from the comfort of one’s home.

How Your Car Can Save You Money on Insurance

Car insurance premiums are partially based on the insurance company’s safety rating of your vehicle. Selecting a vehicle loaded with safety features can help keep your premiums low, saving you money while possibly saving your life in an accident.

Premium discounts are offered when your car has automatic seat belts. Automatic belts slide back automatically when the car door closes, keeping you secure. The insurance company views an automatic seatbelt as an assurance that you will always buckle up.

Anti-lock brakes are another cost-saving measure for your insurance premiums. Anti-lock brakes reduce your risk of sliding and serious accidents in icy or otherwise slippery road conditions. Some car models do not come with anti-lock brake systems as a standard feature, so it is still rated as a discount for insurance purposes.

Reduce the risk of auto theft with a security system in your car. An alarm system, though not flawless, will deter a large number of would-be car thieves. This reduces the risk on the part of your insurance company. The lower risk of claim settlement reduces your premiums by a percentage for the anti-theft devices. If your car has a feature that disables the ignition or has a biometric verification system, some insurance companies will offer additional premium discounts.

Airbag systems reduce personal injury in the event of an accident. Many cars are including airbags not just in the front but in the rear of the car as well. Full airbag systems reduce your premiums due to the reduced risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Above all, the car itself is the most important safety feature that will impact your insurance rates. A car that is reliable, responsible and safe costs less to insure than one which may induce less responsible driving habits. High-performance, sporty and high-speed cars are classified as high-risk by insurance companies, which sets your premiums higher right from the start. Sedans and other more responsible vehicles are rated in a lower premium bracket due to the reduced risk of irresponsible driving in that body style.

Ensure that you are receiving the best rates by talking with your insurance agent about the car you drive and your insurance needs. If you consider purchasing a new car, contact your agent for an estimate of the impact on your insurance rates.