Car Features That save You Money on Insurance

When you purchase a new car or update an older model, keep insurance friendly safety features in mind. Many safety features lower insurance rates while at the same time keeping you and your passengers safer.


Crash tests prove that seatbelts save lives. Considered an effective safety measure all seatbelts decrease insurance rates. Automatic seatbelts results in a bigger discount because they automatically slide on a rail over the rider when the door closes. Insurance companies prefer this type of seat belt because they automatically buckle taking the choice out of the rider’s hands.


Cars have a variety of airbag options. In an effort to save lives, manufactures place airbags in the steering column, dashboard, doors, over the doors, and behind the front seat. The placement of airbags depends on the make and model of car. The feature provides a cushion in a crash, which decreases injury and death. The more airbags the car has the bigger the discount is.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system or ABS prevents the brakes from locking when someone slams down on them. It allows more control for the driver and decreases the distance the car needs for stopping. The ABS gives the car better traction making it safer on wet or icy roads.

Window Etching

Another safety feature is window etching. Every car has a VIN number, but on some cars, the number also appears in the glasses. Cars that have the VIN number etched into the glass makes the glass useless for resale. Window etching is a visual deterrence for theft because a thief will often move on to the next car.

Anti-Sleep Alarms

This is a relatively new safety feature usually found on high-end cars. Sleep sensors monitor the driver. In some cars, the sensors monitor the driver’s eyes. In other cars, it monitors any changes in the cars performance or position that indicates a sleepy driver. Once detected it jolts the driver awake.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The electronic stability control or ESC is an automatic feature. The system detects any loss of control. The ESC automatically slows individual wheels in a way that maintains or regains control, keeping the car on its current path.

Anti-Theft System

Cars have different versions of the anti-theft system, but they all qualify for an insurance discount because they decrease theft. There are noisemakers, audible alarms and keyless entry.

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