Car features that save you money on insurance

There are a lot of new cars with tons of features that are being released every year. You can now find cars with everything from GPS to voice-activated features. However, there are features on some cars that will actually help reduce the cost of your car insurance. These will not only protect your wallet, but they are meant to help protect your life. These safety devices include everything from airbags to crash response systems.

The main safety feature that will reduce your insurance cost is airbags. Airbags are pretty common on newer cars, but they are rare in older vehicles. An airbag is a safety device that will deploy once an impact has been detected by the car. Airbags save lives in accidents that would have killed the driver and passengers otherwise. Insurance companies offer considerable discounts to people who have airbags in their vehicle. The more airbags you have the better the discount could be.

Another feature that insurance companies love is anti-lock brakes. Anti-lock brakes prevent your brakes from locking up and you losing control. There are some states, like Florida and New Jersey, which require insurance companies to offer a discount for people who have anti-lock brakes. A majority of the newer cars today come with standard anti-lock brakes, but some of the older cars will still have the old style brakes. There are also discounts available for some of the small safety features of a car.

Some of these smaller features include daytime running lights and automatic crash response systems. Daytime running lights allow your vehicle to be more visible to other motorists during the day. This helps reduce accidents from people not being able to see you coming. The latest feature that is being awarded with insurance discounts is the automatic crash response systems. One version of this system will actually disable your fuel pump, turn on your flashers, and transmit a signal to emergency personal that you have been in an accident. Another version of this system would be OnStar. If you are wondering if you qualify for a discount, just contact your insurance provider.

There are a lot of features that will help keep you safe when you are driving your car. These features include airbags, daytime running lights, and crash response systems. These will not only protect your life, but they can also save you money when you buy insurance for your vehicle.

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