How Your Car Can Save You Money on Insurance

Car insurance premiums are partially based on the insurance company’s safety rating of your vehicle. Selecting a vehicle loaded with safety features can help keep your premiums low, saving you money while possibly saving your life in an accident.

Premium discounts are offered when your car has automatic seat belts. Automatic belts slide back automatically when the car door closes, keeping you secure. The insurance company views an automatic seatbelt as an assurance that you will always buckle up.

Anti-lock brakes are another cost-saving measure for your insurance premiums. Anti-lock brakes reduce your risk of sliding and serious accidents in icy or otherwise slippery road conditions. Some car models do not come with anti-lock brake systems as a standard feature, so it is still rated as a discount for insurance purposes.

Reduce the risk of auto theft with a security system in your car. An alarm system, though not flawless, will deter a large number of would-be car thieves. This reduces the risk on the part of your insurance company. The lower risk of claim settlement reduces your premiums by a percentage for the anti-theft devices. If your car has a feature that disables the ignition or has a biometric verification system, some insurance companies will offer additional premium discounts.

Airbag systems reduce personal injury in the event of an accident. Many cars are including airbags not just in the front but in the rear of the car as well. Full airbag systems reduce your premiums due to the reduced risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Above all, the car itself is the most important safety feature that will impact your insurance rates. A car that is reliable, responsible and safe costs less to insure than one which may induce less responsible driving habits. High-performance, sporty and high-speed cars are classified as high-risk by insurance companies, which sets your premiums higher right from the start. Sedans and other more responsible vehicles are rated in a lower premium bracket due to the reduced risk of irresponsible driving in that body style.

Ensure that you are receiving the best rates by talking with your insurance agent about the car you drive and your insurance needs. If you consider purchasing a new car, contact your agent for an estimate of the impact on your insurance rates.

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