Unconventional Ways to Pay Less For Car Insurance

Fluctuating gas prices are putting a hole in many people’s pocket. Fortunately, there are many unconventional ways to save money on car insurance. Many people do not realize that owning a garage, carpooling, being married, not smoking and working from home can help them save money on their car insurance.

Statistics have shown that drivers who own a garage are less likely to have their cars broken into or stolen. Getting one’s car broken into or stolen can cause the insurance rate to go up. People who park their cars in garages should talk to their insurance agents because they can possibly get a lower rate. It is a well-known fact that people who have cars love to drive them. Having a high mileage on one’s car is one of the many things that can increase the insurance rate. Carpooling with a friend just a few days out of the week can help people save a-lot of money on their car insurance.

Marriage has a-lot of perks and one of them is a lower insurance rate. Researchers have found that people who are not married are more likely to get into accidents than people who are married. That is why many insurance companies offer lower rates for married couples. Smoking is bad for people’s health and it can also increase the amount of money that a person pays on his or her insurance. Studies have shown that people who smoke are more likely to be reckless drivers and get into accidents. Putting the cigarettes down can cause one’s insurance rate to go down.

Working from the comfort of one’s home has many advantages and that includes lower insurance rates. The less a person drives, the lower his or her insurance rate will be. Additionally, many companies offer lower rates to those who work from home.

Being a driver is expensive. People have to pay high gas prices and make monthly payments, but the one thing that they can save money on is their car insurance. All it takes is parking the car in a garage, being married, not smoking and working from the comfort of one’s home.

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